What if we told you that you no longer have to choose between playing games
on either your PC, mobile phone, or even tablet?

Our games are cross-platform, which means that gamers can play them on any device they like, wherever they are, and whenever they want. Our dedicated team has tested and carefully selected only premium high quality games readily made for gamers to play.

What are the benefits for HTML 5 games?

  • They work directly in your browser without requiring any additional plugins!
  • They can be played with either a mobile devices or PC; you decide!
  • It’s a vast, dynamically growing and expanding industry!
  • No installation required!


As the industry is rapidly growing, why not monetize from it? At Forest, we can help you monetize from your already existing mobile subscribers and turn them into active gamers to your portal that we will fully handle, and manage. This requires zero effort from your side.

What do you benefit ?

We handle the launching, managing, and maintaining your portal!

Monetize from your existing mobile subscribers: They work on both Mobile & PC

Customize your own portal with 100+ premium games

High User Retention from our high quality games


We’ve demonstrated HTML 5 portals are profitable for TELCO’s. In Malaysia, we have developed exclusive portals for Tune Talk & U Mobile. Check their stories

This service is launched with TuneTalk in July 2014. It’s a subscription based platform that we provide unlimited access to 50+ games to the subscribers as long as they maintain the subscription to the portal. We currently have over 4,000 active subscribers and still growing!

Main Game is launched with U Mobile in October 2014. Like Game Field, It’s a subscription based platform that provides unlimited access to 100+ games for the subscribers as long as they maintain the subscription. There is over 8,000 active subscribers to the platform and still growing!

Don’t let the game industry leave you behind,
Talk to us today!


We are constantly looking for talented developers that want to showcase their games to the world.

What do you benefit ?

A group of game experts that will test your game and provide feedback

Global audience will playing YOUR games Mobile & PC

A big piece of chocolate cake A.K.A lots of money.

Distribution channels are 100% handled and covered

Start making money with your games,
Get in touch with us today!

Game Catalog

Our portals are user friendly, with easy navigation and come with awesome high quality games with a file size of only 2-10 MB . Our games are constantly updated. Don’t blink, or else you’ll miss it ! Below are some examples of only a few of our games that we’ve launched with our Telco’s partners. We would love to launch other game portals as well as work with other talented HTML5 games partners around the globe!

Download Presentation

So if you think you’ve got addictive quality games for HTML 5 games, why not give us a buzz and share your games with the rest of the world, and earn some extra money? Sounds like a great deal, right? What are you waiting for, get in touch with us now!

Send us an e-mail introducing yourself and your games catalog to